Nourish your mane with the best hair products

Hair loss happens for many reasons: health issues, genetic predisposition, stress, and more. Identifying the cause and choosing the right treatment helps preserve your hair and improve its condition. Effective treatment starts with finding the trigger. Consult a specialist for examinations to pinpoint the culprit. The trichologist will analyze your hairline, ask about your history, order tests, and make a diagnosis. Comprehensive treatment follows.

Main Hair Treatment Options

  • Fix underlying health issues. If an internal problem triggered the hair loss, focus on restoring your body’s balance. Although it takes time, adjusting your internal systems enables hair regrowth and strength.
  • Mesotherapy injects nutrient cocktails into the scalp, boosting circulation and delivering components for healthy hair. This popular treatment typically yields positive results.
  • Plasmolifting pumps platelet-rich plasma into the follicles, energizing hair with a healthy glow.
  • Hair transplantation relocates follicles from thicker areas to thinning spots. Successful engraftment restores hair, but survival isn’t guaranteed.
  • Physiotherapy improves blood flow and nutrition to promote regrowth and thickness. Doctors prescribe specific treatments based on your alopecia extent and characteristics.

In addition to these techniques, medications tailored to each patient also help regrow hair. Minoxidil is widely used and shows progress after 3 months of use by prolonging the active hair growth phase. Other proven options include:

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